Testimonials from The Lakewood Courtyard

Hear what our residents and their families say about the The Lakewood Courtyard Communities.

"The Best Place..."

“The Best Place” with staff service in Lakewood, NJ.

- Your Residents

"Comfortable Shul with 3 daily minyanim..."

Icy streets or sweltering heat hindering your attendance at minyan? At the Lakewood Courtyard, the elevator transports you to a comfortable Shul with 3 daily minyanim, Daf Yomi, and Rabbi Ralbag, who will attend to all your spiritual needs.

- Sarah B.

"Anyone who would be interested to speak to me about TLC, my door will always be open..."

My decision to come to TLC came when I evaluated and identified what values I wanted in the environment I wanted to live in. Talking to family and friends helped me clarify what was important to me. On reflecting what was important to me, I recognized I wanted to live where there was a strong Jewish, religious, spiritual and cultural environment. Before I made my decision, I visited other AL communities, even though they were listed as Glatt Kosher; they did not have minyan or programs with Jewish content. The residents did not seem well attended. I was in a difficult living situation which at that time I was physically unable to do on my own. I also did not like living alone. One of the impressive things here is the beauty of the building, Shul on premises, apartments are pleasing to the eye and the view of the lake across the street. This provides a pleasant place to me and whoever tour our building. Importantly, the staff is open to all suggestions, request, and input from residents. This helped me feel respected and valued. Anyone who would be interested to speak to me about TLC, my door will always be open.

- Sandra W.